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Celosia cristata prints

Celosia cristata prints

from The Secret Garden of Admiral Kasarung

Celosia cristata is the Latin name of the flower used in Tulisan's Admiral Kasarung collection.

While delicate and sophisticated in its appearance, the Celosia Cristata is actually quite hearty and resilient.

The Secret Garden of Admiral Kasarung

Author: Rassi Narika
Illustrator: Melissa Sunjaya

The Story In a time long ago, deep in the forest of Java there lived an enchanted admiral by the name of Kasarung. Kasarung was half-man, half-ape but he was no beast. His goddess mother had cast a spell on him which made him lose his handsome features. It was an act they had agreed upon such that Kasarung could find a lasting and true love. Having embraced a facade that would deter disingenuous suitors he then fled from heaven and built himself a sanctuary in the jungle to set about finding a soulmate.

Kasarung quickly came to know the forest by heart. Apes were not a common sight in the dense forest, but Kasarung’s wisdom and sophisticated style had earned him the respect and friendship of many of the forest’s animal residents. Moreover, the forest was a mysterious place. The trees whispered enchanting tales of mystical events. The river, carrying the roar of the sea, spoke of times when magic unfolded on its misty banks. Everyone seemed to agree that this curious being was destined to set in motion yet another numinous happening.

“The Admiral is here!” the little boars cheered whenever Kasarung passed by. In his uniform and with a cigar in his hand, he would cross the river to chat with the crocodiles. “The weather has been rather humid lately,” he would say with debonair charm. Sometimes, when relaxing atop the forest canopy, he would whistle to the birds and applaud them for their orchestrated .... Read More

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