It was a placid Sunday afternoon at Kuningan City where we strived with canthing, malam, and a piece of fabric in our hands. On an event held by Tik Shirt Design and Kuningan City that day, we learnt how to make batik, a cloth that traditionally uses a manual wax-resist dyeing technique. It is one of Indonesia’s famous heritage among hundreds of other treasures.

The event was opened for public so we did not want to lose a chance to learn making those sophisticated patterns. The traditional technique requires us diligence and patience. It took us 2,5 hours to finish a rectangular 30 cm square fabric. Then we still have to wax it for a cracking effect, fix its color, boil it, and wash several times before drying it to get the final result.

As one of Indonesia’s historical treasure, batik  had became a national cloth. It has always been a flattering feeling to wear batik in special occasions. Its writting-on-fabric technique has been an inspiration for fabric illustration development, including the silkscreen method that Tulisan uses. This captivating culture is an endless source of inspiration that should be forever kept and feel proud of. – Della Nathalia