As a kid I once asked my mother why ‘going there’ always feels longer than ‘coming home,’ even if we are passing the exact same roads. She said in reply, “It’s because the trees, the buildings, the stones, and everything want to get to know you first, they are saying their hellos.”

From that moment on, ‘the road’ became a very special place for me. The notion of moving in an accelerated motion, the ever newness of scenery that gives glimpses of stories hidden on an old and well-trodden road, excites me even further. Even as a grown up, I would burst with overwhelming feelings and say my hellos (yes, to the buildings, and trees, and animals, and such) out loud.

My recent outbursts happened on a landscape painted with the shades of sands where giants rule.

Trucks, brimming with goods and supplies to be delivered across the country, dominate the highways of Rajashtan, India. And what a sight to be seen they are. Decorated with intricate patterns and bright colored paints these massive machines paraded along the miles and miles of scrub thorn savannahs, desolate deserts, and the cragged stone cliffs of the Aravalli Range.

Hello you graphically gorgeous goliaths! It’s very nice to meet you!