Among his fellow friends and collagues, Muhammad Zulfadly is known as the ‘talker.’ He can command the whole crowd with his fired up opinions about anything from politics to daily musings. As much as he passionately expresses his thoughts, his actions works accordingly as he plays an important role in handling various operations in Tulisan. I talked to Fadly to find out why he persistently pushes his efforts to improve the working standard and craft of Tulisan.

What is your role in Tulisan?

I am the chief of finance and operation. I handle everything from finance, accounting, tax, human resource, legal, operations and production.

How would you say is your daily routine?

I have a routine, but normally I would just plunge into the task at hand. I work together with the coordinators from each department. In production there is Ririn, on the legal and accounting there is Melly, in operations there is Ani, and she also handles the sales and marketing aspects of Tulisan.

Could you tell us the story on how you first became the Chief of Finance and Operations at Tulisan?

My background is in accounting. I’ve worked as an auditor, business analyst, financial analyst, and I think one of my expertise lies in internal control development, including policy and procedure development, increasing efficiency, and risk management. When I joined, I initially was only going to focus on accounting, but as this is a small company, there were a lot of room for improvement. So, from my own initiative I asked Melissa whether I could be involved in different operations of Tulisan.


What is the best thing about working in Tulisan?

The best thing working here is I have the freedom to express my thoughts and opinions. I think working in other offices here some of us are accustomed to the feudalism in their leadership approach – it’s difficult to question whatever is given to you. As a leader in Tulisan, I feel I have the responsibility to build a team that has a strong foundation but are working ethically without a political agenda.

We try to give the team a chance by guiding them and treating them fairly. It gives me great joy if we can help give the right support and appreciation the team deserves. This way, I am sure the workers are much more willing to give back to the company.

What is your great achievement in Tulisan?

My achievement in Tulisan is the ability to bring out the professionalism of the people. With the right working ethics, the team are more likely to work earnestly without having personal feelings intervening. Instead they would focus on solutions and would think of the company’s best interest.


What is your favorite Tulisan product?

If we’re talking about the artwork, I would say Ruba’iyat of Amma Supahilo. In that collection, I saw the potential of a great artist and artwork.

What activities do you enjoy doing outside of Tulisan?

I love teaching. I enjoy guiding my students to work on their dissertation. Aside from that I enjoy playing classical music, watch films, and read books. Currently I am reading about a history book about when Majapahit kingdom transition to Islam.

What is the most exciting thing about living in Jakarta?

Jakarta is an amazing city for anyone in the world. I can see an increasing amount of people wanting to work or live here. We have an array of tradition and cultures, it’s hard not to want to live here. I don’t think I’ll ever move away from Jakarta.

– Athina Ibrahim