In between the fun we have at Tulisan, another thing that we love is to run away from the routine. It could be as simple as a lunch out or a couple of drinks after all the works are done. But running away to a whole new place or a new experience is the ultimate running treat for us.

Life is nothing common when you are on the run. The place does not have to be the exotic beach out on Maldives because running away is all about the attitude. You just want to not feel like it is the everyday. A trip to grandma’s house where everything reminds you to the good ol’ days could be just as exhilarating. So, we made a runaway bag to help us in our run.

The bag was made spacious, handy, and light. We wanted the ease of being able to put everything into one big bag. It is light that it hardly adds to the total weight of your luggage and we love the fact that it is foldable – to be put into your existing travel bag in case you need it after those shopping sessions. And while we can figure hundreds of reasons why this bag suits our runaway plan so well, we decided to stop thinking about the reasons and start thinking about destinations to wherever.