I am a big fan of biography movies. I develop this weird interest of wanting to know why a person become the person they are, and not many can be as big as Bob Marley – making this movie on top of my list to watch.

WP_JOU121024_MAR_05The movie went chronologically, starting from Nine Mile, Bob’s hometown in Jamaica where he was agonized with his mixed-race background to his struggle with poverty as he moved to Trench Town.

WP_JOU121024_MAR_04Marley’s powerful music and honest lyrics were results of complex upbringing: of society ignorance and corruption, of compulsive bureaucrats that care nothing but political power.

Emancipating ourselves from mental slavery is a journey that requires perseverance and virtue. It was never meant to be easy.


Yet, even though none but ourselves can free our mind, having portraits of Marley in Tulisan’s studio surely help :) – Rassi Narika

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