I talked with Handoko Hendroyono last week on the anticipated book of his: “Brand Gardener”  – ready to hit book stores this month. The alumnus of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Indonesia was an enthusiast in creative story telling an avid advertising activist, a path leading him to continue a career as a designer and photographer for SWA Magazine.

The book was first triggered with his concerns on the development of advertising industry in Indonesia. The Indonesians were considered late in an industry that grew so fast. So, he decided to observe customers as well as the industry’s behavior and start sharing his findings to every people with interest to the industry. He said, “There’re so many conflict of interests in the advertising industry in Indonesia. We need to change, but the consequences of those changes would force us to adapt and struggle even more since there’ll be some alterations on the function. But we are not ready to change.”

He chose the people, including Melissa Sunjaya of Tulisan, to be featured in the books because he wanted them to be heard and motivate those who are looking for answers on brand related issues. Thus is why he wanted to create a video documentation, called Brand Gardener TV, to feature his speakers. Handoko wanted to make Brand Gardener not merely a book, but a movement of people who care with Indonesian’s brand. Youths are his ultimate audience, added with  a spark of motivations, he said, these generation could build their confidence and create a strong Indonesian brand.  “It’s a book about the standard of creating a brand, whoever attempts to make one should never be a follower. They need to tell stories and have a strong concept,” he remarked. – Della Nathalia.

Handoko and his team are preparing the launch of Brand Gardener, this Thursday, March 29th 2012.