Pepe Doll

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PEPE DOLL is a wishful handmade doll, dedicated for Kampus Diakoneia Modern which rescues abandoned children of the street. It comes with a whimsical story “Pepe and The Flying Balloon” – by Melissa Sunjaya. 

The sale of each doll provides a child at KDM with, a proper meal for five days, a week of schooling, 6 months’ worth of learning materials, or ten visits to the local healthcare center. All sales proceeds benefit the welfare of these misfortuned children who are sheltered under KDM. 

As the owner of Pepe, you have become a guardian angel to a child of the street. In return, Pepe will be your good luck charm reminding you of the bundle of love you have given to this child.

Please note that the colors, shapes, and expressions of Pepe Dolls are mixed due to their handmade quality. You can never control which color or shape you will get when you buy it online.