Idul Fitri has always been the perfect time to gather with your loved ones, reconnect, or cherish the people who has been around and provide meanings to our lives. We created this Idul Fitri Special Gift Set so we can embrace this moment to the fullest and we wanted to share them with you.


Each set is made by order personally by our team of creative designers. Everything is made to ensure that it is not only get a mere package, but  a box filled with love.

TEB_130721_08You can choose the set you favor by filling out this Order Form. For further assistance, reach out to our team at 021-72780235 or shop@tulisan.com.

TEB_130721_10These sets are available for a limited time. You can pick your order at our Darmawangsa Store or have it delivered to your door upon reservation until August 5th, 2013.



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