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Rp 178.000


It is a flat handheld bag, fastened by a top zipper closure, to carry smaller items within a larger handbag. Available in four sizes: large, medium, small, and petite for women who love orders inside their bags.

Hand-printed serigraphy textiles on unbleached (chlorine-free) cotton canvas, using eco-friendly water-based inks. For the handbags and accessories category, unless otherwise noted, each textile is protected with water-resistant Poly-Urethane coatings. Every piece is handmade with fair, sustainable, and ethical practices.

Petite (P): 20 x 10 cm | 8 x 4 in
Small (S): 20 x 15 cm | 8 x 6 in
Medium (M): 25 x 19 cm | 10 x 7.5 in
Large (L) 36 x 26.5 cm | 14.25 x 10.5 in

Due to our hand-made serigraphy process, every printing on each product is unique and varied from one to another. It is impossible to choose the printing of each product to be exactly the same on the showcased photos on our site or social media. These photos are for visual references of the products’ shapes only. The colours and alignments will never be the same from one print to another due to this manual labour.

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