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Small Luna Cube { X3+ }

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Luna Cube is a functional zipped accessory that stands out from others with its origami-inspired design and half-moon silhouette. It comes with a pair of side loops for attaching our Bien Strap (sold separately), allowing it to be worn as a handbag, shoulder bag or sling bag. The practicality and style of Luna Cube make it a good choice for those who want to carry their essentials in a unique and organised way. Available in two sizes, small and medium.

*If you're looking for inspiration on how to use this product with a Bien Strap, click here.

Hand-printed serigraphy textiles on unbleached (chlorine-free) cotton canvas, using eco-friendly water-based inks. For the handbags and accessories category, unless otherwise noted, each textile is protected with water-resistant Poly-Urethane coatings. Our hand-made production is certified by the Bluesign® system. This certification is a strict screening, designed to monitor the responsible use of resources, clean work processes, wastewater management, healthy air ventilation, and safety procedures for the workers as well as a safe final product for the consumer.

(length) 13 x (width) 12 x (height) 10 cm
(length) 5 x (width) 4.75 x (height) 4 in

0.07 kg

Due to our hand-made serigraphy process, every printing on each product is unique and varied from one to another. It is impossible to choose the printing of each product to be exactly the same on the showcased photos on our site or social media. These photos are for visual references of the products’ shapes only. The colours and alignments will never be the same from one print to another due to this manual labour.