I started Tulisan, in my journey to rediscover myself. So, I feel honored when people come to share their stories on how Tulisan have helped them to to rediscover their true self. Tulisan has been a way for me to transfer my energy, and in some mysterious way, the energy reach back to me like this one from Aniza Santo.

Hi Melissa,

I stumbled into your blogsite today and I’m really inspired with your work.
In a weird way I’m also doing the same thing where I try to create illustrations to the short stories, thoughts & poems I’ve written the past 10 years.
Last November I resigned from a high stress job due to creative burn out. I wanted my soul, my creativity, my life back. For some time I’ve just been an everyday wanderer trying to figure things out or in my words: an aimless being floating amidst the clouds conversing with the sun and moon.
I literally love talking to the clouds and sky… I believe it’s my home up there.

The last 2 months I’ve been going through my writing and exploring some illustrations ideas to make a book. It’s one of those things you don’t know where it might take you but in your heart you know you have to do it. My journey is just beginning and stumbling into your work gave me a boost like an arm around your shoulder saying “It’s good, it’s possible. Do it!”

I’m inspired and grateful.

Thank you,



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