What motivates me when I wake up in the morning is to think about a few changes I can do to make today better than my yesterdays. I realise that change often involves evaluating my old habit and having an awareness of shifting my attitude. I have spent a lot of time reading articles on conscious consumption and planning grocery shopping to be friendlier for our environment.

Most markets have indeed reduced disposable shopping bags. However, when I stand in line for the cash register, I can't help noticing that my grocery items are packaged by various disposable materials, such as PET bottles, aluminium sealed packs, and plastic coated cartons.

It's hard to change my routine of buying pre-packaged liquid soaps until I read about zero-waste grocery shopping. So now I try to find alternative eco markets which offer 'scoop and weigh' services.


At first I find it hard to believe that bringing empty bottles when shopping for groceries can reduce my carbon footprint. This zero-waste grocery guide prompts me to plan a shopping list and prepare empty bulk bags, jars, and containers.

I keep a few of these empty containers always handy inside the trunk of my car, for in case I make stops at any bakery or market. Tulisan's Toy boxes, Atelier boxes, and Dustbags are suitable for grocery carriers, and even more, for organising the mess inside my car trunk.

Club Sehat
is one of my prefered health stores focusing on vegan, organic, non GMO products, and other plant-based options for groceries. Besides their online shop, they have three locations in Jakarta, and they are also available in most local e-commerce marketplaces.

Their shop in Jalan Gunawarman, at South Jakarta, is cosy and has everything that I love. Here are some of my must-buy items:

Cranberry seeds

Goji berry seeds

Roasted almonds

Wild honey from NTT

Moringa bar soap

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” –Margaret Mead.

As an influential cultural anthropologist, Mead’s views bring hope to the few individuals who dare to make radical changes in their lives.

I am excited to see that more and more people in Jakarta are becoming conscious shoppers. The change in our habit will certainly induce social revolution for a healthier environment. Change often requires stepping out of our comfort zone and questioning the status quo. 

Warm wishes,
Melissa Sunjaya



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