Beloved Friends of Tulisan,

It is an overwhelming joy to receive your genuine appreciation and to know that you believe in what I do. I started Tulisan in 2010 by creating illustrated print editions, limited to 12 pieces per series. In nurturing this newborn brand from Jakarta, our collection has continued to grow while we maintain our unique artisanal craftsmanship by constructing every piece by hand in small batches until this day.

On Wednesday, the 5th of December 2012, we will be pre-launching “First Batch of 12” for 2 new editions of Spring 2013: “Bawang Putih & the Night Sky” by Myra Bianda and “The Love Letter of Roro Mendut” by myself. Each piece of the “First Batch of 12” series will be numbered on a special label. Myra and I will be available in our store on this pre-launching day. We hope to meet you then.

Happy Holidays and Triple Kisses,

Melissa Sunjaya and Tulisan Team

The “First Batch of 12” comprises the following signature articles: Beach Bag, Hobo Tote, Librarian Tote, Tea Towel, and Apron. Cushion Covers series will also come in the following week.

Mail Orders are available only for delivery within Indonesia.

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