In celebrating the Year of the Ox, we are giving out our exclusive ‘angpao’ to our beloved collectors (one red envelope for every purchase of Rp100,000 online or at our lovely boutiques). It is multipliable under one transaction. Please note that we only produced a limited number of this exquisite envelope. The vintage-inspired design of the strong ox makes it an excellent keepsake, so let us tell you a little fact about this ox illustration.

'Bhanteng' or ‘banteng’, the Javan Wild Ox, is classified as endangered species on the IUCN Red List. According to environmental journals, Javan Wild Ox is the second endangered species to be successfully cloned. Through conservation, the banteng population in 2015 were only less than 50 species. This population increased to 124-140 in 2019. However, we are still facing the inevitable threat of inbreeding for banteng, due to lack of genetic diversity. This inbreeding depression causes several mutations, congenital disabilities, and smaller species size. Nevertheless, banteng remains to be a sacred symbol in Indonesian culture.

Banteng is also a visual representation of the fourth of five principles of Pancasila – Indonesia's fundamental philosophy. Pancasila’s fourth principle states: "Democracy guided by the inner wisdom in the unanimity arising out of deliberations among representatives''. It underlines the necessity of analysing multiple perspectives (including the opposition’s views) without prejudice before making the final decision. It is wisdom to be mindful of our own words and consider the impact of our actions on others. 

Like this ‘angpao’, we have made every Tulisan product with philosophy and thoughts behind it. We hope you appreciate our story.


Have a lovely day,
Tulisan Chronicles Team

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