My earliest memories of friendship were of giggles, tickles, and pure delight to be in the company of a friend. Back then; we had carefree days of braiding each other’s hair and fixing tea for our stuffed animals. Friendship was naive and unassuming; kids never think about what they get in return from their friends, they are friends because all that matters is that they have fun when they are together. Friendship should always be this simple.

Miya and Caitlin were god sisters that once again reunited after four years. The minute they met, their eyes sparked and connected in a different sphere. They talked through their eyes, smiles, hand holding, and of course through giggles. Miya prepared a Tulisan bag and a Pepe Doll for Caitlin. In return, Caitlin gave Pepe a home.

Pepe’s new home is with Katie – the mouse Caitlin already had. The mouse house is compact but Pepe and Katie did not seem to mind sharing the room.

A new friendship was made. Katie and Pepe are to have the best role model to look up to.

Rassi Narika

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