Tulisan at Rumah Inspirasi: A home and dream to share.

The small presentation at Martha Stewart Living’s Rumah Inspirasi at Grand Indonesia on Saturday, Feb 5, was such a pleasant and intimate experience for Tulisan. James de Rave – founder and principal of Kedaung Ceramic was talking that day on “Table Setting ala Indonesia”. Along with Tulisan, H. E. Arlinda Frona, a ceramic painter who happened to be the ladu ambassador of portugal also came to present her hand made ceramic painting of wayang and other ornaments, labor of love as James put it.

James was trying to make a point that it was not only how you put your china and crystals with your songket on the dining table that matters. It was significant that you treat and make your guests feel warm and special when they are being hosted. He introduced Tulisan with the sweet story of when he first came to a house and served dinner of buncis, tempe, and telor ceplok – a must have for most nights according to informants. Not a fancy dinner, but the touch of warmth and simple elegance lasted with him as one of a kind.

The house he referred happened to be what Tulisan also refer to home. As Melissa grew in the home that gave so much comfort; she and her Mom, Didi wanted to make a line of product that also made women felt comfortable and wished they were 12 years old again when wearing Tulisan. Last year, it was a dream she wanted to share and indeed it was shared. Rassi, the new member of the team remarked on how she was startled with the dream and how much was put in by the team. She had only joined them for a couple of days, but the faith they had on Tulisan transmitted in such way that she could not avoid. She hoped the energy goes to every one who encountered Tulisan.

As the day was wrapped with laughter amongst tea and canapé, we hoped that the dream had been shared too between the talks. If you wish to encounter Tulisan, the ladies of the audience had agreed to stop by at Jl. Tirtayasa one of these days. You are welcomed to come and join to feel 12 years old again.


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