Artist's Proof

by Melissa Sunjaya

A/P, Artist’s Proofs, are our legal archival impression of every single collection and are not included in the official count of a limited edition. Technically it is the Artist’s approved first batch of the manually printed serigraphy sheets, which are then hand-stitched into the final designs.

Traditionally, artist's proofs number 10% or less of the total edition. Since we publish a limited run of under 50 items per edition, Tulisan generally prepares 4 A/P in every production batch: 2 for the artist’s archival & 2 for the publisher’s archival. There are no fixed rules. In other countries, quantity of A/P  may be more or less. In Russia,  the artists' proofs may run 30% of the edition. Furthermore, in some rare instances of unpublished editions, Tulisan only have a single copy of these Artist’s Proofs.

A/P are collectible items and higher in value because: A) They are the small first batch of the edition, and B) they usually come directly from the artist. As the artist’s personal collection, the resale value of A/P is proportionally higher than the regular numbered editions.