Independence Gifts

“What does it take to be independent and free? it starts with our mind. visualise it. believe it. live it. state that we are free and independent. gather the courage to make the first leap of faith. take small steps. know that making mistakes is part of life. yet with every fall and mistake, we always manage to get up on our feet. again and again. we are not alone in walking this path. we are stronger together. we enable ourselves. we make things with our hands. we tell our stories to the world. the next day, we see that the work of our hands empower others. by making a change that we once thought was impossible. day by day, we reinvent our process so that we can be more loving to the Earth. we push ourselves to the limit, to do wonders and to discover our true purpose. until we are free to celebrate life through art. finally, we understand that in art all colours are of equal importance.”
–Melissa Sunjaya

Since 1945, we, Indonesians, have celebrated 17 August as our independence day. We have really come a long way since then. Today, more women receive equal opportunities, more access to better education, more workers are paid fairly, more companies embrace transparency, and more people are mindful about their footprint to the environment. Every single Tulisan product is handmade with love by local artisans in Indonesia.

Celebrating Independence

This August,
we have created Independence Gift Boxes
Only for Rp850,000.-
Each box is filled with Tulisan’s selected bags –
the pride of local artisans in Indonesia.
Celebrate this joy by sending a gift to your special someone.
A personalized card is included in every package.

Personalized Cards

Have a wondrous independence month!

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