Tulisan AIR 2020

TULISAN AIR 2020 (Artist In Residence) is a curatorial program for an exclusive collection of Farand Rasyid Hazfanur (16 years old), a gifted young painter with a Cerebral Palsy disability. On 23 September 2020, we will be presenting a selected list of six Giclée prints from his abstract paintings. Each edition is available in three different sizes. Giclée is a digital print on matte canvas with museum-quality of archival standards, stretched on wooden frames.

Tulisan AIR 2020: GAZO No.1831

Cerebral Palsy does not prevent Farand Rasyid Hazfanur from augmenting his talents in contemporary art. This birth condition prompts severe life challenges. Farand endures disabilities in mobilizing almost all of his body parts and in speaking. After numerous visits to several hospitals and rehabilitation centres, Farand gradually discovers his passion for painting.

Tulisan AIR 2020: GAZO No.1832

Farand grows up within a caring family environment which gives him unconditional love and confidence in his artistic gifts. His work touches upon humanitarian topics that resonate closely to his heart. For example, on family, environment, social issues, inspiring profiles, or his emotional reactions towards something that he sees. In the process, Farand takes the time to prepare a set of colours for expressing these specific topics. Sometimes this colour-selection process takes about a week or more. He uses his left fingers to paint, as holding a brush would be an impossible task in his condition. His medium is acrylic paint on canvas.

Tulisan AIR 2020: GAZO No.1834

Despite his physical limitations, his sensitivity in art unveils extra-ordinary achievements. Galeri Nasional in Jakarta selected and exhibited his paintings. He had a solo exhibition in October 2018 and joined the art show 'Colorful Things' in 2018 at Hadiprana Art Centre. Farand received the 'Character Award' in painting kites at Hadiprana Art Centre.

Tulisan AIR 2020: Farand Rasyid Hazfanur

TULISAN AIR 2020 (TULISAN Artist In Residence) is a program dedicated to creating a sustainable cycle of art edition for inspiring artists, like Farand Rasyid Hazfanur. Our core objective is to support and nurture the artist's creative potential during this residency period. We curate his artwork to manifest a collection of limited edition prints, from Giclée to other wearable art pieces which light our homes and delight our souls.

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