She stands barefoot on the balcony watching the dancing soldiers of Jathilan. Some folk believe that Jathilan is a dance hiding the secret spirit of the great Java War, to blind the enemy from our desire for freedom. She too has this desire, to be free and wild. It is a mystical night perfumed with uncertainties. A falling star suddenly paints a momentary hope. As if her angel in the sky hears my silence, whispering to heal her loneliness. I kiss her soft lips and press her hands. In between us, there is a time that I wish to freeze. In one thousand magical dreams, I am forever madly in love with my ‘sweetnite’.

Jakarta 2020
– Melissa Sunjaya

Chemist Bag - Sweetnite - Yellow Olive

Tulisan Prints Edition of DASA Collection
Launch date:
Saturday, 25 September 2020
At tulisan.com & Tulisan Boutiques
Darmawangsa Square & Plaza Senayan
Please Whatsapp Our Personal Shopper
0815 1051 7424
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Tulisan Sweetnite

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