We have been going through a very thrilling couple of weeks. We are preparing our first boutique at Darmawangsa Square and we are very excited for that. Pepe is also another thing that we have been very excited for, the doll has been posted at all our sales point and our team would surely be more than pleased to let you know the story behind the cute hand-stitched doll made by the kids at KDM.

With all the different projects we are running back and forth from, it is always a nice treat like some pleasant review at our friends who visited us at Tirtayasa. We love it when the stories continue, like this one from Olive. Olive came on our Batavia Hotel Launch, last July 28th. We remember she told us she was lost on her way to Tirtayasa, and was not sure that the house was where Tulisan is at.

And there was also Desy, who wrote so eloquently about her visiting time at Tirtayasa. She was stealing time in between her day schedule, and we’re glad she had a great time at our place.

A quote about Tulisan from Fenny, “It’s about beautiful prints in your daily life…”. And it is stories – that is again be shared – that made our days printed beautifully here.

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