Our Dearest Friend,

As the new owner of ‘Pepe’ – a wishful handmade doll, you have become a guardian angel to a child of the street. In return, Pepe will be your good luck charm reminding you of the bundle of love you have given to this child.

All profits of each Pepe doll will be donated to Kampus Diakonia Modern (KDM), a nonprofit foundation dedicated in rescuing the children of the street in Jakarta since 1972. Every year they save a number of deserted children of the street – some are orphans, some run away from home and many are victims of child abuse and exploitation.

With Rp98,000.-, each doll would sustain a child in KDM for either the following:

  • a proper meal for 5 days/
  • a week of school education/
  • a set of learning materials for 6 months/
  • 10 visits to the local health care center.

Pepe is designed by Tulisan as a sustainable project, made by the children of the streets for themselves. Our team conducts art workshops for a group of children from KDM who have committed their time to this projects in hope that this entrepreneurial experience will give them inspiration and confidence to be independent.

These dolls will be available at our booth and store starting Friday, 19 August 2011. To find out more of how you can help a child at KDM, please visit their website: www.kdm.or.id


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