This lunar year is about the Strong Metal Ox. The key to reaching our goals is all in our attitude. Understanding the totem animal's philosophy can inspire us to embody that positive perspective. The sacred ox represents strength, sacrifice, and perseverance. No matter how difficult the journey lies ahead, the ox personality endures all challenges. Most people see millions of possibilities, but only a few individuals turn these potentials into actualities.

Unlike the others, a person with the strong ox's personality sets the plan to get to the final goal without any grudge. The energy of the ox never allows any procrastinations or doubts. This enthusiastic character is what sets the ox apart from the others.

This animal has an acute sense of smell and hearing, especially towards danger and predators. When a predator is approaching, an ox will quickly signal its herd. It has a very systematic defence system towards a predator attack, with the males on the front line allowing the youngest and female species in the pack to first run into hiding places. Like the animal, people with ox's personality are sensitive to threats, excellent leaders, straight forward, reliable, and responsible.

It is a common misunderstanding that an ox hates red colour. An ox is actually colour blind. When the matador is holding a red flag in a bullfight, the flag's motion and sound provoke the ox. Red dramatises the act for the audience in all the bullfights in Spain, also known as ‘Corrida de Toros’. As the bullfight takes the centre stage, red colour narrates the language of seduction, confidence, courage, and adventure.

Like the ‘Corrida de Toros’, many other cultures view red through its powerful ancestral traditions. February is also vividly coloured in red, with the Gong Xi Fa Cai and Valentine’s Day celebrations. In China, this is the colour of luck, happiness, and vitality. In the West, red is a message of love and affection. As we step into a new era of cultural crossover, the way we wear our contemporary red outfit in celebrating our traditions might be the first step in taking charge of our destiny.

Have fun wearing red,
Tulisan Chronicles Team 



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