Gong Xi Fa Cai! In 2021, the traditional Lantern Festival will start from the evening of 11 February to 26 February. More than ever, we wish good health, a life full of imagination, and a prosperous attitude. During this Lunar Year celebration, it is a Chinese tradition to give 'Ang Pao' from the married ones to the unmarried ones, mainly the children.

It is a symbol of sharing fortunes and protections from the elders to the younger generations. The central importance of 'Ang Pao' is not about the money, but about giving a sincere blessing in the red packet.

Do you know the story of 'Ang Pao'? This lucky red envelopes tradition started during the Song Dynasty (960–1279) in China. One of the few ancient legends on Ang Pao said that once there was a demon called Sui. Sui brought menace and bad omen to the whole village. Many soldiers and warriors fought desperately to get rid of this demon, but all failed dreadfully.

One day, there was a young boy with a magical sword who faced this terrible Sui. The brave boy slaughtered the demon and restored peace to the community. The next day, all the village elders gave the boy many red envelopes as a sign of deep respect and gratitude.

Tulisan presents a selection of scarlet coloured gifts, ranging from our exclusive 'Ang Pao', a set of 12 lucky petite boxes, and other premium gifts of handmade accessories. A vintage illustration of the strong ox symbol decorates our red envelopes in luxurious gold ink over a luminous coral red surface. To make it easier to celebrate this Lunar Year with families and friends, we offer personalised greetings and free-deliveries in Java & Bali.

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