Hosting a launch like we did last week had been extremely fun. This time, we finally catch up with the faces behind each online order and email. Some of them had only been a loyal customer at Dharmawangsa, and finally get the time to catch the place where everything came from.

Just a day after, we received Dyah Ambarwati’s pictures when she put together all her Tulisan collection and have her own Tulisan Day.

Kaho also dropped a comment to say hi today. She had been visiting our booth at Dharmawangsa and had received two of our Personal Note Cards handpicked by her husband for her birthday some time ago. Happy birthday, Kaho! We hope to see you around. (You really should check her blog. Its stories and picture which are beautifully capture as well as being highly informative for expatriate in Jakarta. Oh, and did we mention that it comes in English and Japanese.)

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