Written by Melissa Sunjaya
Illustrated by Melissa Sunjaya

George Cantor’s union of sets theory initiates multicultural methodologies by combining two dialectic traditions. In doing so we benefit from the strengths of both practices. For example, we can incorporate the packaging strategies and cooking methods used in the production of French macarons to introduce Manado’s traditional Balapis dessert to a broader audience.

I drew this as I gazed at a plate of neatly stacked Balapis dessert from Manado. The stripes changed directions according to the positions of each cake on top of another. Then my daughter, with a stripy shirt, went behind the plate. The sight was like a modern camouflage. This experience made me wonder what would happen if we constantly combined ideas and influences as we viewed simple situations. There are always two sides to any story. Always explore the unthinkable. In my case, I created a textile pattern out of my favourite dessert.

This illustration is available in Giclée – a digital reproduction on matte canvas with museum-quality of archival standards, stretched over a wooden frame.