Les Papillons de Victor

Written by Virginie Kasse
Illustrated by Melissa Sunjaya

A simple story about being happy and giving unconditional love to every living being.

this is not a tale.
This is the story of Victor,
a little boy who has the power
to bring happiness.

Because Victor knows
that he has
wonderful butterflies
in his heart…

...and that he has the gift
to wake the butterflies
inside those who long
for love and tenderness.

Is Victor a little bit of a magician?
A little bit of  a sorcerer?
A little bit special?

Victor is all of these, but above all
he is a very normal little boy
who only wishes to share his secret with every living thing
that surrounds him.

When you meet Victor,
you will recognise him immediately.
He has a small dimple
on his left cheek
whenever he smiles.
This dimple is always
visible on his face.

Sometimes, on days
when he is not only smiling, but...
truly happy,
butterflies would flutter off
his heart and surround him,
to colour cloudy days
and gloomy people.

So, if you live
a day without colour
and you have the chance
to meet Victor,
give him your hand,
close your eyes,
and look into your heart.

Take your time,
all of your time.
Look carefully
inside yourself,
you will discover
hidden butterflies sleeping
in every corner of your heart.

These butterflies are
waiting for your signal
to wake them up
and to bring back
the colours yellow,
red, blue, pink,
green, and violet…

and to flutter your heart
with the wonderful paint
of happiness.

This illustration is available in Giclée – a digital reproduction on matte canvas with museum-quality of archival standards, stretched over a wooden frame.