The Sound of Dawn

Written and Illustrated by Melissa Sunjaya

Every life form begins with love. As the first strokes of the sun’s rays fill every inch of space with cosmic kindness, darkness slowly bids farewell. Sleeping creatures start to wake, absorbing energy and transferring warmth to one another, making the earth beneath happier. Like a conductor who is about to lead a grand symphony, a shiny black cockerel raises itself onto a fence, summoning others to join his sunrise orchestra. Hummingbirds set the opening tune, and daisies dance the cha-cha, while leaves riding on a morning breeze sing a soothing ballad.

Capturing the delicate sound of dawn and surrendering the body to these early minutes of the day is profoundly sublime. It is a brief euphoria that is hardly spoken about and is often missed. I wish to open my eyes to a soft voice whispering that I am loved. These sacred words are a magical spell. I am a simple being, like all other living things in my garden, but with these words I become a goddess.

Love opens our hearts and minds to unlimited possibilities
Love is the only reason for our existence
Love is a universal gift that does not choose sides
Love is my unconditional gift to you