Ragam Ni Si Marian
Written by Kartini Sjahrir
Illustrated by Melissa Sunjaya

The novel ‘Ragam Ni Si Marian’, written by Kartini Sjahrir, based on research conducted in the Netherlands and Indonesia, is a work of fiction interwoven with social, political, economic, and inter-racial conflict facts during the colonial period from 1900 to the post-independence year of 1956. In this novel, Kartini explores various essential themes such as civil rights, the role of women, and the influence of Dutch culture. Through a dynamic narrative, she depicts the complexity of colourful human relationships during that era. Kartini’s sensitivity in combining fiction with anthropological analysis provides a lens for understanding crucial aspects of Indonesian history and social life.

The main character is Marian Hasibuan, a native woman of Batak and Sundanese descent, raised in a wealthy family with a Dutch education and extensive social interactions in European society. Marian falls in love with Jan-Pieter, a Dutch youth working in the coffee plantations of Priangan. Their love story faces significant obstacles, given the social circumstances of that time.

Collaborating with Melissa Sunjaya, a visual artist, adds an artistic dimension to this written work through book cover creations and twelve narrative illustration inserts.

This illustration is available in Giclée – a digital reproduction on matte canvas with museum-quality of archival standards, stretched over a wooden frame.