Camden Market Pop Up Installation that we held at Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall was one week filled with fun and excitement.

It was such a great opportunity to bring Tulisan closer to everyone and of course to meet new people.

I enjoyed all bits of Tulisan’s Camden Market. From the installation and preparation (which you can also watch in our Vimeo), the colorful products, and the photo fiesta. (By the way, check the photo competition line up in our Facebook album. Winners will be announced through Tulisan’s Facebook this weekend.)

Some new Giclée Block Type illustrations and Melissa’s limited 1989 Camden Note Card collection that premiered in the event was my center of excitement. In addition, new color ways came in from the tote collections.

All in all, every body in the team can not wait to see you again in our next event. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@mytulisan), like our Facebook account, and subscribe our mailing list to receive our updated Newsletter. Adieu! Rassi Narika

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