On having one piece of Madeleine dipped in his tea, renowned French philosopher Marcel Proust shared the profound discovery the pastry had to his palate, “An exquisite pleasure had invaded my senses, something isolated, detached, with no suggestion of its origin.”


This statement is suggestive to us that food when made well has the ability to evoke a certain emotion and awaken a recalling memory. It should be able to amuse our sensory experience.


Craig and Pricilla of Chicory European Patisserie intend to explore this notion. The two well-versed chefs first met during their days residing in Perth, Australia. While Craig specializes in cuisine and Pricilla in pastries, both have dedicated their time and hand to the relatively new Patisserie based in Jakarta. 


The charm is seen towards their concentration on detail. The outside of their Patisserie is covered with raw brick walls reminding us of the inviting feature of suburban homes. As Craig mentions is ideal in maintaining an intimate place where they can converse with customers at ease.


Inside, as you immerse yourself with a dose of sunlight, the walls are painted in a welcoming Pistachio Green with the Tegel Kunci tiles complementing the overall timelessness of their ambiance. The main focus however is immediately directed to the murals influenced by a classic children story illustrator.


The pastries are refined to say the least, having to carefully procure their ingredient from the best sources. They have constantly experimented with flavors in hopes it can delicately intrigue customers to explore their taste buds. The chocolate tart, “Flavors of Persia” balances an aromatic fuse of its rose petals and pistachio without having the bite of the chocolate’s sweetness overwhelm you. Their savory “Asparagus Tart” also dedicates same balance of opening up to new juices of flavors upon each bite.


As dedicated artisans of their craft, Craig and Pricilla puts their best interest to value the practice of process in serving variety and the very best. Technology-wise, the couple admits on being behind the pacing wave of digital marketing, although they have proven well when it comes to favorable delicacies, word-of-mouth is still their best scheme.

Chicory European Pattiserie
Jl. Sumenep, No. 9, Menteng,
Central Jakarta,
p, 62-21/3192-5799.
Hours: Mon-Sat 8am-6pm.

– Athina Ibrahim
Photography courtesy of Chicory European Patisserie 

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