Dyah Ambarwati rushes through the Darmawangsa store in full gear. Always in full preparation as she seems to be. She came bustling inside with a genuine warmth packed with almost a dozen of her personal favorite Tulisan collection.


Earlier in the week, our team made an appointment to visit Dyah in her office. The skyhigh office space with its transparent windows secretly keeps a handful of gem she holds with high regard.


“In 2010, I bought a placemat and an iPad cover,” recalling the start of her loyal following to Tulisan. In actuality, Dyah, a human resource practioner, already adored what was to become of Tulisan — even from hearing the vague concept yet to be materialised. She met Melissa Sunjaya in 2006 through a mutual friend and have since grew an admiration over Melissa’s thoughtful vision of creating sustainable art products.


“What striked me most is the character of Amma Suphahilo, it describes myself of having so many problems but is still able to tackle the situation well.”  The problem she is stating may vary, but being an active woman — a mother of three who also is ambitiously juggling her career in the field of people development — she constantly feeds herself with the inspiration she places around her.


“I also adore Victor because it is part of my playful character.” Her office is prominently decorated with Giclée set side by side to provide her with a soulful balance. “It reminds me no matter how big the problem is, as long as you are calm, playful and cheerful, you can solve it.


She believes an extension of warmth and openness is necessary to welcome people. Her daily encounter with different characters motivated her to provide a comfortable space to loosen up any rigid atmosphere.


Throughout her journey, she has learned foremost to extend empathy towards people. “I have been teaching myself to listen more.” She is high on her intuition in understanding the human character, but uses her visual senses in selecting the Tulisan collection which strikes and reflects her vibrant life.

Text by Athina Ibrahim
Photography by Michał Górzyński

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