My writing session is an escapade in which I take my doodling/ note-taking sketchbook, a favorite Muji pen and a mind that endlessly wanders while watching the world operates.

To do this, I have been running to Coffeebeerian over the weekends. The place add up my other needs: subtle and laid back atmosphere, friends that would also wander in their own thoughts for hours as I do with mine, and a favorite poppapot – which reminds me to the an evening of coffee with sweet condensed milk in Hanoi.

The place is located at Panglima Polim road, right across to Convivium and  just a few blocks away from Tulisan’s Store in Darmawangsa.

Coffeebeerian offers a wide range of coffee – from the classic espresso or cappuccino to the more playful frappuccino and fused coffee. Along with that is a selection of beer in bottles or draught and the house’s specialty: Black Pony – a mix of espresso, mint, and stout; Cobe Brown with coffee, lemon, and draught; and the Milky Gut – where they top the coffee and beer mix with vanilla ice cream and cherry.

A glass of soothing coffee or refreshing beer with friends is a perfect follow up to an afternoon of jumbling words and observing world. I am forever tempted. – Rassi Narika

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