The Tulisan team is excited to preview to you an exclusive preview of our upcoming collection, The Batch of 8. This special preview introduces our upcoming Plume & Wonder Prints Edition which will fully be available this coming Fall. In the meantime, we are only offering 11 range of new bags in 2 colorways, with only 8 pieces available for each colorway starting this Wednesday, 25 June, 2014 available only at our flagship store, Darmwangsa Square.


The textile designs are based on a few original pen and ink drawings which are then arranged manually into motifs. For 2014 prints editions, I have created two new artworks: ‘Plume’ is a composition of barn owl feathers and ‘Wonder’ is an Art Nouveau inspired illustration of cat fish and its habitat.


I have developed this collection together with two very close friends and brilliant designers, Weina Ding and Michal Gorzynski. Weina is a contemporary visual artist who is currently based in Spain. Michal is a product designer from Poland who has been specializing in the yacht industry.


The textile are hand-screened through an elaborate and meticulous artisanal process: producing the film, developing the screens, mixing the colors, drying, coating and pressing. These methods have to be repeated every time we register a new layer of color. ‘Wonder’ is a complex 4 color production.


We print using water-based inks on non-bleached raw cotton canvas. This allows transparency and shows every imperfection during the serigraphy process. Irregular ink coverage, offset in ink registration, and the dark speckles of cotton seeds make each printed piece unique.


We have selected high-quality trimmings and have developed cleaner fabricating techniques to produce a collection with distinct personalities. The new designs showcase forms and features which have been constructed by studying various people’s daily habits and lifestyles.


For each design, three to six prototypes were made and all assembling methods were evaluated many times until the final stage where we discovered an ideal shape with zero-waste cutting patterns. We kept a documented record of all our research and exploration.


With an open heart, an eye for imaginative detail, and a dedication to fair business practice, we hope our unique story will set the stage for you to craft your own.

Triple kisses, Melissa Sunjaya

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