Fresh from their morning art class at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena just down the street from the Studio, Melissa brought her girls in for a visit to the Studio.

The girls instantly sought out the best parts of any office. After filling coffee cups with packing peanuts for a make-believe tea party they each took a seat across from one another with a piece of paper and a pen.

. . .

Days earlier Melissa shared her latest work, which she keeps with her in a small leather sketchbook. I was amazed by page after page of meticulous dots and strokes that shaped the designs that will soon take on a life of their own to form the next Tulisan collection.

. . .

Melissa’s oldest, Miya worked diligently and quietly, looking up from time to time to survey the room. After some time, she came around the desk and presented me with a sketch that was neatly fastened with a gold coiled paper clip.

Miya’s subject, a carefully shaded tree with tiny dotted leaves mirrored some of the things I had seen in Melissa’s sketchbook.

I think we may have a third generation contibuting to Tulisan very soon…

Kaitlin McIntyre


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