Melissa Sunjaya

Melissa Sunjaya

The New East Indies

The New East Indies presents an anthology of literature and artworks by Melissa Sunjaya, which examine the present state of Indonesian civilization and its potential future transformation. Traditionally, civilization has been interpreted through a distinct methodology based on human tendencies in viewing various problems and solutions through emotions, language, culture, art, and science.

The digital era has opened the door to a world without limits, where each individual is able to access a seemingly endless assortment of information rapidly from this secondary cyber-universe. Concurrently, advances in transportation technology have made it possible to travel thousands of miles in a single day. The two sectors have greatly accelerated the progress of our civilization. Yet one thing remains certain: there are discernible tradeoffs occurring alongside our technological advances. This acceleration has diminished our connection to the natural world and cultivated a civilization which produces pollution in abundance.

The opening collection from the New East Indies ponders the awareness needed to maintain harmony between humans and Mother Earth. This outlook is relayed through the artist’s reflections on modern environmental problems and their imaginable solutions. The collection reflects the artist’s frame of mind in regards to the ultimate potential of this era.

-Melissa Sunjaya

Tulisan Chronicles Team

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