Gong Xi Fa Cai! We wish you abundant joy and health. We want to thank all our collectors sincerely for supporting us in passing through the last wild 2020 and in commencing 2021 with all good vibes. Your loyalty has given our brand the strength to continue thriving. Creating hand-made sustainable home & fashion accessories in Jakarta comes with its formidable challenges.

About 11 years ago, we started this brand from our unique home atelier to provide dignified work for artisans and creative minds. Since then, we have created limited edition wearable art where each material is ethically sourced and handmade through a caring and fair process. With our unique management style, we emphasise fostering all workers to be confident individuals, similar to nurturing a family where the parents actively listen to the children's need.

Our modern work culture enforces regular sessions of honest discussions to evaluate changes in work methods and personal attitudes, allowing all of us to talk about our own mistakes and concerns openly with dignity.
The more comfortable we see our vulnerabilities, the more agile we become in overcoming severe challenges, and the more trust we build in our team. Trust and agility made us survive the turbulence of Covid-19 pandemic, where many businesses like ours had to face an unfortunate end.

Your supports have made it possible for us to launch several sustainable projects, such as AIR Farand R. Hazfanur. Within the first six months, the AIR project has generated over Rp70,000,000 for Farand's royalty – a fund that significantly aids his life with a cerebral palsy disability. All our home accessories are hand-stitched through a sustainable program with KDM. It benefits several unemployed women who live in Jakarta's rural areas by providing fair pay and dignified work conditions. Furthermore, we've sold many Pepe Dolls by KDM. Through Pepe Dolls, the proceeds benefit the welfare of abandoned street children, currently sheltered under KDM. When you purchase Tulisan products, you are supporting many projects with social causes.

Thank you for drumming up strength!
Tulisan Chronicles Team

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