One of our favorite places to eat is next door to the shop, FJ Rotisserie. It is warm and intimate and is always at the top of our list when we have friends in town looking for a bite to eat.

If we could, we would probably eat there everyday. That said, you can find Melissa and Tante Didi (Melissa’s mom) there most days – almost everyday.

FJ Rotisserie has a light dishes and generous portions of Indonesian and European food. I always try new dishes when I eat there and am never disappointed in what I order!

In addition, they have great desserts. Our favorite is their selection of crepes: banana, peanut, chocolate, berry and steamed pear, to name a few. We also love the apple crumble for a sweet cinnamon-y home taste or refreshing mixed berries for a change. Their butter-free marble cake and rainbow cake were just recently added to the menu. Yum.

FJ almost feels like an extension of our shop. We know the people there by name and since they are big fans of Tulisan too, the interior is filled with our home collection.

So, next time you drop by our shop in Darmawangsa, take a walk next door to FJ try their heavenly French Vanilla Latte. And a word to the wise, call ahead for a reservation, they are always busy during lunch or dinner!

FJ Rotisserie – 021 72786550

Darmawangsa Square Ground Floor Unit 25


Rassi Narika


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