When that golden afternoon arrives, there is few (out of many things) that one should never miss doing: to leisurely glide with little skill, with the little arms that are plied.

These little hands pretends that their wanderings are guided truthfully and adventurously.

With such dreamy weather, tales are to be foretold and minds to take of to faraway lands.

A pinch of chrysanthemum, brought from old Orient land, to add the sparks in your eyes and the smirk in your smile. – Rassi Narika

Inspired by “Alice’s Adventures in the Wonderland” by Lewis Carol. Images and set by Shalimma Robbiaswaty.

Featuring: City Tote, Atelier Box, Toy Box in Celosia Cristata’s Red Rumor; Cushion Cover, Large Pouch, and Large Cube in Celosia Cristata’s Green Lime.

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