Born in the month of August 23 to September 22, Virgos are zodiacs that live under the earth sign. They may be practical and grounded beings, but their eye for detail and perfectionist character (said to be picky) make them appreciate the art of a good gift. They will love you more for putting thought into the gift you give to them.


When choosing for a gift, understand that organization is the pillar of their lives. Virgos enjoy going to great lengths to keep everything neat and clean. Go for our Atelier Box to give them a sense of order in keeping their working essentials intact. With its angular shaped corners, this box makes a perfect storage for books and their little needed pouches. For greater storage space, the Toy Box comes with larger symmetrical space — storing everything from toys, shoes, bags, to even being a resourceful groceries bag.


On top of helping a Virgo keep out a messy load, the great feat is that these boxes come with delicate patterns to quench their desire for anything of detail and great design.


– Athina Ibrahim





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