With only 3 more days to the grand opening of our second boutique at Tulisan Plaza Senayan, Level 2 on Wednesday, 25 March 2015, 10.00am – 10.00pm, we also will be hosting a our Anima: The Game Life board game competition where the final winner will win themselves a prized Tulisan Prints Edition of their choice!

The goal of Anima: The Game of Life depends on speed. There is a five minute rule on how long the game will proceed.


1. Find a group of four people to play with.

2. Shuffle all cards and take out the Joker card (You won’t be needing them), leaving you with 52 cards.

3.  Divide all 52 cards to all four players, which will be a total of 13 cards per person.

4. You will notice on the board there will be four types of Kingdoms: Terra (Earth Element), Aqua (Water Element), Aer (Air Element), and Ignis (Fire Element).  Each Kingdom is represented by the face cards: the King, Queen, Jack of each element.

5.  The first one to shuffle the cards would be the one to start – the one who starts can claim a kingdom with any face cards (King, Queen, Jack) if they have the elements by placing the cards facing up.

6.  Continue in a clockwise pattern, the one who starts should take one card in exchange from the next player. The next player can continue to claim a kingdom (if they have any) and continue to grab a card from their next player).

7. Continue to do this in a clockwise position until one player is able to complete claiming their whole kingdom with the three face cards. The time limit is ONLY five minutes.
The competition will be done in rounds from 16 players to a final one player, and the final winner can then claim their own prize.



Illustrations by Melissa Sunjaya & Sébastien Théraulaz

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