Step 7: Editing Material and Construction

No good product comes to form without being altered more than once. Once the prototype of shape and silk screening materials has been made, the construction of both forms are put together in the editing process where the bags and materials are stitched together.


This process is a crucial step to ensure quality of each bags are maintained towards the degree of standards we hope to attain on a local and global scale. Each textile sheets are measured and cut one by one using cutting patterns which applies the zero-waste concept of leaving no waste behind. Each stream of thread are thoroughly checked to see if it appears in line and are sturdy for lifting heavy weights.


Through this process, our production team becomes hands on in ensuring the prototype of every artwork is stitched manually by the highest level of craftsmanship, done by those who has an instinctive experience and an eye for detail.


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– Tulisan Chronicles Team 

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