Step 8: Quality Control

Once the product has come to full form and has been thoroughly edited, each product must be carefully evaluated piece by piece manually by the hands of our very trusted people to ensure each products are dismissed according the standard we withhold.


In this step a few things that are looked for are for irregular silk screen seen on the materials since the process are manually made and can cause the ink to be spread out unevenly. This however, can create the character of the bag on its own and ensures the hand-made products retains their own quality. What we need to ensure though is that it still the irregularity is not too oblivious which damages the whole outlook of the bag and other accessories we sell at our store.


Moreover, the other aspects needed to spotted are the unparalleled stitching, or the unevenness in each construction. Once the prototypes are approved and the number of product are produced in a larger quantity, our production team becomes hands on in making sure the components of each product posses the same form of the made technical packages.

All this are done to make sure each products which reach your hand maintain our standards while still are valued for its own imperfect qualities.

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– Tulisan Chronicles Team 

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