Rainy season is upon us.  A mid-morning downpour, soaks the city in oversized raindrops that bend giant leaves and further indulge traffic’s unhurried pace.  Deep puddles form on jagged sidewalks making crossing the street an unwelcome adventure.  A steamy heat sets in, and provides one last reason why staying inside is, for now, the best choice.

Looking out the window, watching my  garden get a bath, I make a pitcher of a refreshing drink my wise little Mama always reccommends.  Procured from a diet she tried once upon a time, then reinterpreted to suit her taste, she now always has this brew on her hand.  It’s oddly soothing, due as much to her tinkering with the formula, as to me associating it with her and the intrinsic comfort her presence provides.

Read more for the Recipe. Enjoy and feel free to modify it to suit your own taste and mood. – Melany Z

In one large pitcher (approx. 8 cups) toss in all of these ingredients and let sit overnight:

1 Sliced Cucumber

1 Thinly sliced lemon

1 tablespoon of grated ginger (less if you don’t love ginger)

Two handfulls of fresh Mint leaves (or more, if you love mint)

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