MARIGOLD SMOKEY NIGHT edition made its debut as the opening of DASA collection, one-decade anniversary celebration of TULISAN. A special label is sewn inside every work of art from this edition, with Melissa Sunjaya’s handwriting marking 10 years of our dedication in artisanal craftsmanship. Thanks to the supports of the avid collectors and believers of our work, we have managed to raise a new paradigm on serigraphy and artisanal craftsmanship from Indonesia. Our vision is to strive for higher appreciations towards serigraphy art.

The ink sketch of Marigold was drawn by Melissa on 10 April 2011, when she collaborated with a French writer, Virginie Kasse, for the book ‘Les Papillons des Victor’. The choice of this botanical object was due to the layering symbols of marigold in different cultures. Marigold symbolizes creativity, passion, and also fragility. There are layers of self-disrespect in many makers of artwork in Indonesia, for there are seldom public appreciations towards art and fair infrastructure in the creative industry. This sense is contrary to what was done by the Indonesian ancestors from Ancient Mataram.

Marigold sketches

Since the beginning of the sixth century, the Indonesian ancestors are renowned for their richness in artisanal crafts, maritime skills, and economic management. The Borobudur temple serves as proof of this great civilization and culture from the Ancient Mataram Kingdom. The research and paradigm we implement in Tulisan are inherited from our ancestor’s way of life. Melissa’s Marigold sketch reflects on our work philosophy is to create relentlessly in the hope to restore the glory of artisanal craftsmanship of the New East Indies.

Tulisan Marigold print sheets

This year, we are re-issuing our classic MARIGOLD Series with notable upgrades from sustainability aspects. Together with a local laboratory, we have managed to develop a new formula of the protective coatings which covers the overall serigraphy surface and has obtained eco-certification for this formula. This development has reduced the carbon footprint of our production. Thus, our serigraphy atelier is also becoming cleaner. The most important in this achievement is that it was only made possible by our collectors and their never-ending supports.

Tulisan Marigold Print board

With this collection, we present our COLLECTOR’S PRIVILEGE program, an honorary entitlement for our collectors to pre-book MARIGOLD SMOKEY NIGHT edition which will be released on 22 April 2020. Aside from ordering early, the other benefit is to purchase with 10% off the regular prices. All shipments of these pre-bookings will be processed starting on 22 April 2020.

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