Left to Right: Clio Set in Red Sangria and Miya Set in Red Sangria

It always starts with Once upon a time,
In a land far far a way from where we are.
Once upon a time, stories concealed the birth of courageous boys and girls,
of reserved desires and infinite longing, the clash between darkness and light,
in search for the silver lining.

Once upon a time, in green pastures and the deep blue sea,
magic was a mystery that fed the appetite of the world.
Kingdoms rise and fall, gypsies roam endlessly to the depths of the earth,
and talking dragons lured people towards unspeakable temptations.

The greatest discoveries occur when we swim against the pool of familiarity,
cross path upon strange lands and the piercing of one’s eye gaze.
Once upon a time, may not end happily ever after,
But Once upon a time, always begins with a dream of the unknown,
and ends with a place where we are free to be.

– Athina Ibrahim



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