When I met Melissa for the first time in December 2011 she told me, “The only prison we have is our own mind. Everything we do should be based on intuition, such that our hearts are set free and we can be our true selves.” Although at the time I had many lucrative prospects from other companies, I immediately took the job she offered as the Chief Financial Officer of Tulisan. Her company is unique in many ways, and it was clear to me that Melissa’s vision was complex, encompassing more than simply limited edition prints and artwork.

We have since shared many lengthy discussions and have on several occasions burned the midnight oil entangled in fruitful arguments or bearing out new ideas. For the first time in my career, I am now surrounded by co-workers who are genuinely open to my rebellious nature and unconventional analytical views. Tulisan has grown for the same reasons that I have too, because it values intuition and is ever mindful of its enduring legacy.

Everything that happened with Tulisan has always started from Melissa’s spontaneous sketches which often incorporate “happy accidents.” Four months ago, there was a crucial production hiccup when we inadvertently printed hundreds of canvases with the wrong dimensions. But it was this “error” that gave birth to the design of a new product, our Hobo Tote.  This bag which has become a beloved item in the shop was inspired by nomadic travelers who believe in the spontaneous flow of the universe.

It seems mistakes are just opportunities hidden in unexpected circumstance.  I’m delighted to work someplace that shares this outlook too.

Warm regards, Fadly CAP

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