We have landed to the centre of the metropolis shopping centre of Singapore – Orchard Road – and have scaled up our presence through newest store Tulisan by Plus 62, our Singaporean distributor organised nicely by Ima S Chambers, Richard M Hurst, and Farah S Suraputra.

This wide space store located at Mandarin Gallery Orchard is home to a blend of renowned international brands around it. The store’s presence resembles an elegant gallery on its own with the placement of Tulisan Giclee’s — featuring the classic ‘Delightfully Yours’ to the selection of the latest ‘Anima’ —  up on the wall around it.

The store is a visible sight on the shopping arcade floor as we are welcome to a store with no doors but an open space and ceiling and all its vibrant colors of the Marigold Knit, Luca, Plume, and Wonder Collection.

Tulisan’s store by Plus62
Mandarin Gallery Orchard Unit 4-28, 333A
Orchard Road, Singapore 238897
Opening hours: 11 am – 9 pm



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