Sometimes when your heart is broken, your emotions frayed, or when circumstance requires a fresh perspective, taking a little trip is a remedy the soul appreciates.

Stale city air is no match for the fresh variety found just beyond the concrete margins. Sunshine on warm skin induces a tender, peaceful feeling when experienced in new surroundings. With everyday obstacles and implications removed, we become free to imagine that anything is possible. Creative energy seeps in and we can move with confidence in new directions.

French artist Yves Klein made a wonderful photomontage documenting his own, Leap into the Void. This 1960 work articulated the courage we must indulge to do crazy things. When we engage and fulfill our wild and passionate inclinations, our spirit is refreshed and our character strengthened.

Perhaps it’s a good time for you to pack a Runaway Bag and take an impromptu road trip. Fill it up with books you’ve been meaning to read, that dress you haven’t yet worn, a sketchbook to capture your thoughts, and a camera to record the ensuing good times. Often with a change of scenery we change our outlook too. – Melany Z.

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